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Dariusz Kupiszczak Rounding Up A Birding Trip: Part 1 Hola! muy buenas tardes! I have just returned from Spain with little time to post an update about this. I have been to a few places and have seen some of the rarer species. As usual we didn’t get very lucky with the weather, but I did get to see a few birds that I have not seen in a while – that was nice. We also ate at a restaurant called “Tapas” which was located in the town of Deia, and I can highly recommend it. They served a lot of Tapas and it was very good. I didn’t notice a lot of difference between the restaurant and a normal restaurant. Only a few had the exception of the aroma and the taste of the food. This is something I will have to look into further. We also went to the “Water Mill”, but it was a little windy so we didn’t really spend much time there. There were quite a lot of gulls here as well, however they weren’t very diverse, most of them were the juvenile grey headed gulls. If you have any questions or thoughts please do not hesitate to comment, or email me at: Yesterday the weather was somewhat cloudy, but the sun came out in the morning. I started off with photographing a gull at the beach, which was very difficult because of the lack of light. It was rather windy so I went for a little walk around the beach. I saw many different types of birds, and I was able to photograph a few. I have a few pictures to share. I have not seen this bird for many months. It is an Olive Pigeon (Otus oenas), and it is a black-headed bird, and it is very common here. I did a little bit of birding, and the light was good enough to get some pictures of some birds. Here is one that I photographed during this morning. It is a Rumpi’s Storm petrel (Oceanodroma rufa). The next picture shows a woodpecker. It was a very good day for the photographer




[FULL] Canon Pixma Mp145 Scanner Drivergolkes haylnir

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